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Our Screens are ideal for festivals drive-in theaters, pubs, corporate functions, community cinema festivals, community screenings, weddings, parties, pubs, camp sites and other events requiring outdoor projection.

We now offer you 3 screen sizes and all come with powerful HD projectors,Blu Ray players,powerful PA sound system and staff to run the entire event.

We can also run live sporting events via a feed from your source.






The screens we have are as follows:

1. 30 ft x 16 ft (truss framed) Drive-in or large public screenings
2. 16 ft x 9 ft (truss framed) Ideal for 200-300 picnic in the park
3. 10 ft x 8 ft (truss framed) Perfect for indoor or sports event.

Our screens are constructed with strong light weight truss and guaranteed to with stand strong winds,plus we can locate then either on hard ground or grass.

Outdoor movies are proving to be very popular within the UK, people enjoy watching movies in outdoor locations.

Contact us for further information availability and prices on 01487 843520.